Consequent 2020 will connect luminaries in a variety of fields with graduating Minerva seniors.

Participating Luminaries

Bob Kerrey
The New School, Former US Senator and President Emeritus
Bridget Burns
Executive Director, University Innovation Alliance
Zi Xu
Co-founder, Shanghai Xiwai International School/ Chairman of the board, Dashang Business School under Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association
Ann Pendleton-Jullian
Professor and Former Director, Knowlton School of Architecture, Ohio State University
Michael Horn
Co-founder & Distinguished Fellow, Clayton Christensen Institute
Samantha Stein
Director of Special Projects, TechCrunch
James Chao
CEO, Westlake Chemicals
JoungHoon Lee
CEO, Standard Graphene
John Gambs
Vice President, San Francisco Symphony
Boris Ryabov
Managing Partner, Bright Capital
Jeremy Rossmann
Co-Founder, Make School
Ehb Teng
Co Founder and Managing Partner, Diginido Labs, Executive Director at ATHack Inc.
David Blake
Executive Chairman, Degreed
Julian Aldridge
Owner and Challenger Evangelist, ENACT Agency
Donato Cabrera
Music Director, The California Symphony and the Las Vegas Philharmonic
Christopher Wu
Internet & Mobile Investor, CEO, Paper Culture
Jim Stoneham
CMO & SVP Growth, New Relic, Inc.
Stan Kowalski
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, Flodesign Sonics
Rio Dluzak
Co-founder of Lavoisier Health
Dan Levitin
Dean, Minerva Schools at KGI
Daniel Sherer
Filmmaker, GoPro
Keanna O’Quinn
Founder & Creative Director, Honey+Vinyl Music
Randy Swearer
VP,Education Experiences, Autodesk
Kirsten Brecht Baker
CEO & Co-founder Jeenie
John Mitchell
Director of Graduate Studies; Former Director, Stanford Computer Forum
Hyungju Park
President, Ajou University
Inbae Lee
Principal, Kakao Ventures
Vijay Culas
Founder & CEO Matthews South
Victor Hu
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Lumos Capital Group
Hilary Palanza
Founder and CEO, Museum of Dance
Masayasu Morita
CEO and Founder, hitomedia, inc.
Yaron Binur
Board Member & Co-Founder, MEET - Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, Redbeacon
Steve Gotz
Partner, Silicon Foundry
Matt Cohler
General Partner
Neilda Pacquing
CEO, MindGlow
Curt Carlson
Founder and CEO, Practice of Innovation
Louise Rogers
Chair and NED, Various companies globally
Michael Goldstein
Senior Counsel, Cooley LLP/ Founding Partner and Chair, Higher Education Practice
Erdin Beshimov
Director, MIT Bootcamps, MIT
Marco Annunziata
Annunziata Desai Advisors Co-Founder
Zach Goldfine
White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, US Department of Veteran Affairs
John Percival
Curriculum Consultant, Foundry College, Former Dean of the Business School at Minerva
Dixon Doll
Co-Founder and Partner Emeritus, DCM
Mallory Dwinal-Palisch
Co-Founder of Oxford Day Academy & Oxford Teachers Academy
Takashi (Tak) Kimiwada
Chief Executive Officer, Accountable Healthcare Holding / Accountable Healthcare Staffing
Tom X Lee
CEO, Galileo
Adrian Valenzuela
Co-Founder and CEO, MCM Partners
Ramesh Rao
Director, Qualcomm Institute at UCSD
Andy Lam
Co- Founder, Partner Uprising
Kevin Adler
CEO and Founder, Miracle Messages
Thomas Seligman
Director Emeritus, Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for the Arts at Stanford University
Kai V. Haley
Head of Design Relations and Lead of Sprint Master Academy, Google
Elizabeth Filippouli
Founder, Global Thinkers Forum/Founder, Athena 40

Minerva Class of 2020

Brian Githire Wahome
Develop into an honest, driven and wise human being
Braden Andrew Scherting
United States
Inference over models, in the mountains
Boyu Jiang
Work on innovative tech project in the Bay Area
Benjamin Baifu Chen
Creating incentive structures for private businesses to do social good
Arne Malz
Aspiring to work in international development and hopefully be able to further research where to find the best ice cream in the world
Antonia Teresa Schroeder
Understand how people make the decisions they make and apply this knowledge to help communities improve their habits and wellbeing
Anna Pauxberger
Working on software engineering and machine learning endeavors in New York
Anda Renne Yoshina
United States
Designing environmental policy for social impact and sustainable change
Amelia Rose Kroner
United States
Apply systems thinking to create socially equitable sustainability initiatives
Amal Mulaomerovic
United States
Working in venture capital investing in San Francisco
Alexandra Pukhova
Russian Federation
Fixed Income Trading in New York
Alexander Sanchez
United States
Design behavioral interventions to promote gender equality
Adrian Juri Stein
Understanding people and their environments to develop evidence-based bottom-up empowerment strategies
Abigail Elizabeth Cox
United States
Work on a democratic presidential campaign before attending law school in order to improve healthcare politics
Abigail Anne Gust
United States
Finally reading the Arcades Project
Gelana Tostaeva
Russian Federation
Making learning effective and engaging through research and outreach
Galatea Kurz
United States
Analyze units of time and space in cycles to help balance global and local forces
Francesca Nicole Sta Maria
Focusing on economic and political policies needed to pave the way towards a global government
Frances J Pak
United States
Designing systems and experiences to help people thrive
Fabian Chibuike Okafor
Focusing on personalizing learning in West African schools
Esther Klara Wenger
Furthering evidence-based decisions for social change
Erika Sloan
United States
Creating a more cohesive and efficient global governance structure at the United Nations in New York
Eric Lin
United States
I never stop thinking about food and process design
Emma Virginia Kendrick
Retiring from the grind
Eman Amjad / Khan
Passionate about medicine, genetics, and public health
Elizaveta Kostikova
Russian Federation
Utilize storytelling to build communities through social media
Elisa Heinrich Mora
Understanding the fundamental principles of complex systems at a variety of scales
Duy Nguyen Dang
Business strategist and management consultant with a focus on sustainable development
Darya Dyachkova
Applying Machine Learning in High Energy Physics and decoding the mysteries of the universe
Dana Victoria Bakke
United States
Aspiring Falconer & Science Educator
Connor Boyd Mitchell
United States
Building a new van home while working in CleanTech and skydiving on the weekends
Christopher John Hagan
New Zealand
Use human-centred design to tackle social challenges in London
Christine Tan Pei Xin
Neuroscience Research
Christian Sicars Bravo
Fusing public policy with experimentation and the music of the future with cadence
Bárbara Fava da Costa
Working with Game Development in the USA
Kai Dai
Make an aesthetic, caring, and tech-driven product that changes the world
Julia Minichelli Mazoni Lourenco
Using causal inference methods to design more effective policies in Europe
Joshua Max Broomberg
South Africa
Applying Explicable ML/Causal Inference to build robust understanding of complex economic systems at Bridgewater (Westport, CT)
Jose Nieves Flores Maynez
Working on the development of software to use as a tool for learning
João Gustavo Heinig Jönk
Investing in high-growth companies
Jie Wen Lim
Sharing stories to help people get through tough times
Jessica Amy Zier
South Africa
Using behaviour science to optimize social impact projects in the United States
Jennifer Jiayi Yang
United States
Machine Learning | Bayesian Inference | Food & Travel
Jahnavi Jayanth
Depolarizing political narratives in India
Jack Robyn Topolewski
Learn how to make genuine, courageous, and sustainable decisions in business that contribute to the betterment of people and our planet
Izabella Calla Michelena Nepomuceno
United States
Working on personal development and establishing a strong community in Chicago
Isabel Lee Morris Rousmaniere
United States
At the intersection of storytelling and systems change
Isaac Schaal
United States
Open your doors of perception, dissolve your ego, and guide you to search for the true source and structure of your own intelligence, through art
Inna Hallik
Use the arts to cultivate empathy and environmental consciousness
Huey Ning Lok
Creating and investigating using data, design, and software development
Hana McMahon-Cole
United States
Working on gut-health/food systems related projects
Giovanna Rolla de Amaral Chaves
Connecting economic theory and well-designed policies for sustainable development in Brazil
Gerardo Javier Valdez Lozano
Working to eradicate global poverty
Marlette Sandoval
United States
Future civil servant strengthening communities through education development
Mariah Isabella Bouthiller
United States
Improving understandings of inequitable externalities in the Green Revolution
Maria Ximena Perez
Working on the intersection of politics, economic development, and gender equality in the global south
Marharyta Kurban
Use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to decrease breast cancer mortality in developing countries
Margaret M Hartigan
Ireland (Republic)
Exploring bioethics to promote innovative and responsible health research
Manu Jayamohan Nair
Telling stories that are yet and need to be told through films
Manojna Namuduri
United States
Fascinated by how very small and very big things work; aspiring future cosmologist
Mandlenkosi Sibanda
Create insighful business dashboards to turn data into critical information and knowledge that can be used to make sound business decisions
Maiuran Loganathan
Realize my potential in entrepreneurship
Maike Pfeiffer
Evidence-based policy and causal inference in economics and environmental policy
Mai Chi Nguyen
Spreading critical thinking to rural areas of Vietnam
Liberty Louise Matilda Pim
United Kingdom
To creatively distill complex ideas into consumable content through writing and filmmaking
Kristin Marie Hudson
United States
Create films that open minds
Konstantin Dimitrov Gerov
Using computer science and machine learning to simplify personal finance
Kimberley Mgeni-Awuor Kudwoli
Working on sustainable development and international development in the US
Kenya Gonzalez Lopez
Explore the world, talk to interesting people, laugh loudly
Kate Monford Gilbert
United States
Listen professionally and discover common ground with wise women
Antonio Fowl Stark (KangSan Kim)
South Korea
Enabling sustainable space exploration to businesses and governments around the world
Kalia Ruth Barkai
South Africa
Working in development and disaster management in my hometown
Pipob Puthipiroj
Optimizing human memory via algorithms
Phoebe Meixner
United States
Breaking down inequalities in public education in the United States
Perpetuah Muthoni Ng’ang’a
Enhancing human capital for economic growth and development in sub-Saharan Africa
Patrick Mutuku
Machine learning and AI in biomedical research
Oren Dar
Interested in utilizing data science to promote social good
Olaf Jesse Van der Veen
Researching political polarisation and other intersections of politics and culture in Western Europe
Nuhamin Mengiste
To achieve gender equality one conversation at a time
Nikesh Shrestha
Building AI powered products to make people's lives better
Nicole Aritra Nair
to bring smiles using data, software, literature and food
Nguyen Thanh Long Le
Building mathematical models for financial markets
Nguyen Hoang Duy Pham
Apply data science in business, political and social context
Ngoc Minh Tu Nguyen
Understanding vast data through collaboration between humans and machines
Nadav S Wachs
Make a good product, tell a good story, have just a bit too much wine for dinner
Mika Lanir
Studying costume design in London
Michelle Hackl
Discovering the brain's secrets through Data Science and BCI
Micaela Carla Mastropietro
Interested in finding and supporting evidence-based solutions to promote the Global South's economic, political, and humanitarian development
Meredith Tate Ramba
United States
Exploring science and the natural world, specifically in its application to medicine and disease
Mayzie Louise Allswede
United States
Dissecting the how Storytelling affects cultural narratives of The Other
Mason Rae Noteboom
United States
Chasing fulfillment from creative projects while pulling from my academic studies
Trent Hommeyer
United States
Balancing aspirations and livelihood
Thanh Phuc Tram Nguyen
Critically solving international problems at the intersection of science and business in four languages
Tessa Marie Holmes
United States
Pursue ecological design, explore the uses of biomaterials, encourage more equitable communities
Tatiana Soskina
Russian Federation
Become a social media influencer and a YouTuber
Suraj Paneru
Empowering youth education and storytelling through business
Søren Theodore Gran
United States
I aspire to apply Data Science to Psychology
Sonia Milanoi Milanoi
Making building wealth accessible to more people in Kenya
Sohit Miglani
Building advanced methods for analyzing and visualizing genetic data to accelerate research in gene therapies
Sofia Renata Camussi Leguizamon
My goal is to bring change in Latin America
Shpend Bekjiri
How can sustainable fashion align with consumer behaviors and fulfill corporate goals?
Shiao-li Fu Green
Data Science in education technology
Sherington Anton Amarapala
Building companies and creating value through Venture Capital
Sara Holthuis Merner
Aspiring to tackle development problems using design thinking and quantitative tools
Sandra Ikonanga Jirongo
Working on improving existing products and creating impactful products through insightful data-driven decision making in Northern California
Ricardo Montalvo Guzman
Multipurpose tool currently interested in furthering the understanding of phenomenal binding and of psychological priming
Reicela Heinrihsone
Interested in the field of healthcare and improving health care policies in Latvia
Ranwa El-Kikhia
Implementing women's empowerment programs in post-conflict conditions (MENA)
Qiusu Wang
Immerse in the intersection of technology and business for social good
Precious Osamudiamen Enahoro
Helping businesses and organisations grow and make better decisions using data
Sadie-Rae Werner
Work in journalism and pursuing law degree in Canada
Zdravko Stefanov Varbanov
Assessing policy impact and decreasing the global rate of consumption of frivolous goods & services
Yuge Ma
Pursuing further learning on the path to make meaningful storytelling projects
Yoav Rabinovich
Use the lenses of machine learning and physics to explore the nature of information
Valentina Liu
Studying international law and working with international institutions
Yasmin Bar-Tzlil
Connecting the dots
Xuan Huong Nguyen
Aspiring physician-scientist
Vu Huy Chu-Le
Working on the intersection between data science and mental health in San Francisco
Vinicius Miranda Silveira dos Santos
Tech for social impact
Van Hoang Tuan Tran
Business Development in APAC region
Hong Seh Looi
Frank’s long-term goal is to be a visionary people leader with a broad technological toolkit and a sharp business acumen
Gili Karni
I am hoping to pursue a research career in computational neuroscience in which I am most excited about exploring human intelligence
Klara Josefina Eriksson
"A history nerd at heart, Klara is passionate about the stories that build our reality through verbal and visual storytelling
Raamael Arif Mahmood
Interested in leveraging finance and technology to solve complex world problems
Antonia Caitlin Boorman
Ireland (Republic)
I’m a Social Science major, aspiring to be a human rights lawyer
Aleezae Adeel
My passion for social change and human welfare is what drives my interest in human psychology and the law
George Aloyce Mwikila
Tech and startups enthusiast, currently the co-founder and president of Havache, a human-centered tech startup focusing on building operational management systems in Africa
Uyen Nguyen
Uyen uses data to communicates social impact for social enterprises, nonprofit, and corporations with a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility