About the Event

How was Consequent founded?

Since Minerva’s founding, Consequent was envisioned as commencement reimagined. The first Consequent occurred at the commencement of the first graduating class of Minerva students in 2019. The event is designed to gather together today’s decision makers and thought leaders with those of tomorrow. Consequent seeks to foster a shared understanding and sense of purpose in addressing the most consequential issues we face.

How is Consequent different from a typical conference event?

Consequent is designed for collective exploration. There are no speakers and listeners; rather, all participants have the opportunity to share their ideas, opinions, and expertise. Half of the participants are Minerva graduating students and half are distinguished professionals, inviting intergenerational dialogue. Consequent is designed as a reflection of Minerva’s pedagogy, with a focus on flipped learning and discussions moderated by students themselves. We believe this format cultivates critical thinking and bold ideas.

The Program

How is the program structured?

Consequent will take place from Monday to Thursday, May 17-20, 2021. Each day consists of fifteen sessions, 2.5 hours in length. Each session will have a maximum of 17-20 participants, about half of whom are graduating students.

Why are the sessions so long?

Each session is 2.5 hours long. The first 50 minutes are dedicated for thorough introductions and establishing connections between participants in the conversation. We believe this format best maximizes later discussions by enabling participants to understand each other, feel comfortable sharing their opinions, and personalize the conversation. The longer format also allows for a deep dive into the multifaceted elements of the session topics.

Is the event all-virtual? Are you planning for any in-person elements of the program?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved by hosting Consequent 2021 in a virtual format. Minerva’s proprietary platform, Forum, is well-suited for the format of Consequent sessions, and we believe will enhance rather than limit the conversations. Based on public health guidelines in San Francisco in May, we may choose to host small-group dinners with Consequent participants, and will communicate additional information later this Spring.


How can I learn more about other participants?

Please visit the participant page on our website to see information on all the confirmed participants, which will be continuously updated as guests register. Prior to the event, we will also distribute a detailed program including participants in each session, ensuring that you’re aware of everyone present.

Why is the event RSVP-only?

Consequent is an intimate event with a specially curated guest list consisting of those who believe in our values and we believe will meaningfully contribute to the discussions. We want to make sure that the experience is as impactful, memorable, and personal to all participants. For that to happen, we have to make sure that only the participants confirmed will get to participate.

Who have been some illustrative past participants?

Our past participants have come from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise. Please see the “past participants” tab for a list of guests. Among many other valued guests, in 2020, we welcomed these esteemed professionals:

Wendy Kopp
Founder, Teach for All

John Gambs
Vice President of San Francisco Symphony

Adam Cheyer
Vice President, R&D of Samsung Mobile

Andy Coxal
CEO of Common Purpose

Invitations & Registration

Why was I invited?

The list of Consequent invitees has been thoughtfully considered and curated. We have assembled guests from various fields and geographies who are all exceptional at what they do. Perhaps you are notable in your achievements, a rising star, a master in your discipline, independent and unconventional in your thinking and conscientiously taking on the world’s biggest challenges. Consequent is an opportunity to gather top minds and thought leaders for open dialogue.

Can I suggest another invitee?

If you would like to nominate a Participant, please let us know by emailing consequent@minerva.kgi.edu. We are always interested in people that believe in Minerva's mission and would like to be involved. You can nominate up to 2 invitees.

Can someone participate in my stead?

You have been personally invited with your passions, expertise and interest in mind. We very much hope you can join us. It is likely we have tailored the program content with your presence and contribution in mind. However, we know plans change and we are always interested in people that believe in Minerva's mission and would like to be involved. If there is someone in your organization holding a strategic position who is interested in participating, email us at consequent@minerva.kgi.edu.

What is the RSVP deadline?

We suggest you RSVP as soon as you can as we curate the sessions accordingly. Any changes or extensions will be reflected on the Consequent website.

My plans have changed, and I cannot attend anymore. Whom should I contact regarding this?

For help with registration, logistical questions, or questions regarding program content, please email consequent@minerva.kgi.edu.

How to Prepare

Can I come for just a part of the program?

You will have the opportunity to select your preferred session topics and dates in which to participate. Consequent runs for four days, and we recommend guests join us for up to three days. As the sessions are highly curated, please plan to stay for the entirety of any session for which you register and let us know as soon as possible if there are any changes to your availability.

When will the program be available?

The program will be available in March and will be updated with participants, including both students and professionals, in May.

How should I prepare for the sessions?

The program, which you will receive in May, will include 2-3 recommended pre-readings per session. We highly encourage you to pursue it to have a shared understanding of the topic with your fellow session participants. The program will also include the other participating luminaries and students for your session(s).

How can I impact the program for Consequent?

In March, we will share the planned program content with all registered guests. We welcome your input and feedback at this stage and are open to tailoring sessions with your thoughts in mind. We are also open to co-designed sessions. You can share your feedback with us at consequent@minerva.kgi.edu or schedule a call if you prefer.


Why is the event hosted on Forum?

In the first year, distinguished guests and our graduating students engaged in three days of in-person conversations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified the format for Consequent by moving all sessions to a fully-virtual format, facilitated through our immersive Forum™ learning environment. The new program design offers greater flexibility and accommodates participation from multiple time zones, so you can easily join the conversations while experiencing our interactive learning environment firsthand.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, we record the sessions for archival purposes. However, they will not be shared publicly or with any media sources without the express permission of all participants.

Can I post about the event on social media?

Yes, we encourage you to post your experience at Consequent on social media.

Can I participate in audio-only mode?

You can participate in audio-only mode if you have technical issues that prevent you from enabling your camera. Otherwise, we highly recommend you give both your audio and video to fully engage in the conversation and interact with your fellow participants.