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Commencement Reimagined

Consequent is an unconventional convening, a reimagining of the traditional university commencement ceremony. The program is designed to inspire open discourse on challenging topics of profound global importance. Bringing exceptional students together with alumni and many of the world’s most accomplished professionals and academics, Consequent engages participants across generations and disciplines. The diversity of individuals and conversations reliably promotes fresh insights, new connections, and unexpected collaborations.


Consequent has redefined what a commencement should be: full of intellectual inquiry and inspiration, helping impressive students
embark on changing the world.

Raj Kapoor
Chief Strategy Officer

Virtual Summits

The 2021 program comprises four days of virtual summits held on Minerva’s Forum™ platform, with the same fifteen topics discussed each day. We encourage you to join a different session each day, but understand that your schedule may not allow. Nonetheless, we recommend selecting at least two sessions to attend during any of the four time slots.

Monday, May 17 - Thursday, May 20, 2021

7–9:30 am Pacific Time


Consequent attracts notable professionals and academics from a range of organizations and disciplines. Past participants have included Nobel laureates, leading venture capitalists, celebrated artists and musicians, prominent philanthropists, and award-winning authors.

To see the full list of participants click here.


We devised Consequent as a counterpoint to the typical university commencement. Instead of listening to some celebrity give an inspirational speech, we want students to engage meaningfully with a diversity of brilliant thinkers on truly consequential issues.

Ben Nelson
Founder & CEO
Minerva Project

Sample Topics

Sessions address an array of thorny societal challenges.

Past programs included topics such as:

Name Calling
The Identity Politics of Oppression

Likes Minded
Considering the Cultural Ramifications of Popularity as the Definition of Value

Building Firewalls
All Countries Should Resist Techno-colonialism

Trust & Truth
Assessing the Benefits and Limitations of Verifiable Fact

(De)centralized Power
Evaluating Various Models for Authority and Resource Allocation

When Help Hurts
Investigating the Limits of Philanthropic Giving and Altruistic Support